Clinisan and Industrisan by Worchem now certified in the fight against The Human Coronavirus

With the re-emergence of Covid-19 it is essential we are all using the right products to keep our staff, clients, families, businesses and ourselves safe.

We are proud to have had our products, (ClinisanIndustrisan and Agrisan), tested against the Human Coronavirus and to be certified to be effective against this virus that is affecting our community.

With the reintroduction of Covid Level Restrictions we are able to instil absolute confidence that our products work in the disinfection of Covid-19 in a fast and practical way.

We have experience in working with a large range of businesses to allow them to be able to function throughout all Covid Level Restrictions in a safe and effective way.  We have kept our pricing at a pre-covid level as we believe this is the right way to do business, especially when times are tough.

Worchem’s Clinisan and Industrisan tablets are appropriate for cleaning guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health, including but not limited to the disinfection of:

  • The disinfection of vehicle surfaces such as steering wheels, door handles, gear sticks etc.
  • Hard surfaces such as counters, floors and walls.
  • High-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, tabletops, work areas, cupboards etc.

We’re also have plenty of stock and a stable New Zealand based supply of Worchem Hand Sanitizer. We provide 10L containers of 70% alcohol hand sanitizer in refillable, recyclable containers (with tap for simple refilling).

To purchase disinfectant tablets and hand sanitiser online, click here or feel free to get in touch.

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