What is NaDCC

What is NaDCC?

How to use

Worchem offers three products, suitable for a range of applications.

How does it work?

When added to water, NaDCC releases hydrochloric acid which reacts through oxidisation with microorganisms and kills them. The effervescent component results in a fast-dissolving, compact, safe and accurate disinfectant.

When Worchem’s chlorine tablets are added to water, three things happen:

  1. Some chlorine reacts through oxidisation with organic matter and pathogens in the water and kills them. This portion is called consumed chlorine.
  2. Some chlorine reacts with other organic matter and forms new chlorine compounds. This portion is called combined chlorine.
  3. Excess chlorine that is not consumed or combined remains in the water. This portion is called free residual chlorine (FRC). FRC helps prevent recontamination of the treated water.

Worchem’s tablet disinfectants have a broad spectrum of biocidal activity, with bacteria, bacterial spores, viruses, protozoa, algae and fungi all sensitive to its effects:

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