Worchem Helping Hand Discount

Worchem Helping Hand Discount

Our team here at Worchem have decided with the Level 3 announcement in Auckland and the rest of New Zealand in Level 2, that we would like to provide a helping hand for all those businesses, schools and families who need it.

We are offering all New Zealanders 20% off our products as we believe everyone needs a hand to get through in times like these.

Worchem’s, Clinisan disinfectant is tested to Hospital grade, and tested against human coronavirus.  Purchasing your Clinisan alongside our 70% Alcohol based Hand Sanitiser, will give your staff, family, and customers confidence they are safe!

If you need a hand or know someone else who does?  Jump onto Worchem.co.nz, type in the discount code HELPINGHAND at checkout and we will sort your sanitation needs.

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